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One compelling theory as to why your sound is pussy.

Some weeks ago I caught DJ Babu  in Chicago. If you don’t know, Babu is the DJ 1/3 of the rap group Dilated Peoples (filled out by emcees Evidence and Iriscience). Dilated Peoples, if you don’t know, are a popular underground hip-hop group from California, of whose records regular folk will most likely remember either or both of these  This Way (ft. Kanye West) and Worst Come to Worst. Among heads, Evidence is known as probably the only dude to go back at Eminem and come out better for it. Among goatee-aficionados, Iriscience is known as probably the only black dude to place regularly in the annual Captain Lou Albano Chin-Off. And among turntablists, Babu is known as a beast on the wheels (as well as the inventor of the term). Now I’m not really the biggest fan of Dilated as a group, but Babu also is a member of the Beat Junkies, and most importantly was one of the two DJs responsible for the sequence, blends, and cuts on the greatest mixtape of all time (disagree? fight me). So I check for Babu when I can.

Babu, hip-hop standard-bearer and spokesmodel.

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