1. Erykah Badu is the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Period. Nobody in the last decade has put out more hip-hop-heavy soul bangers than Badu. And Mary J. Blige  can’t even rap. She is damn near one soft sax riff away from exile to the island of Adultcontemporaronia. Marrying ugly and making up sh*t like “dancerie” don’t make you hip-hop.

    Yes, yes, y'all.

  2. Ass never gets old. Badu’s windowed-seat aside, look at this. Just look at it. I have no idea who she is or what she does for a living. Doesn’t even matter. She could rescue pets from shelters just to throat-chop ’em in the car. Still great. Here too. And here. These women could be selling guns to terrorists. She could be Osama’s beard-dresser. Who cares. And another. I swear it seems with every year that passes, Ass somehow manages to get newer. It’s like a paradox or something.
  3. Robin Thicke needs to cut his f*cking hair. Dude cannot be out here singing these sweet R&B tunes to black women, looking like Jason Priestly’s more handsome brother. Not in this era. Jon B. knew better. Timberlake gets it. Even Chico Debarge figured it out, and he’s just half a white dude. You can crossover, but show some respect to the men of the women you are singing to… Got them dreaming about running their fingers through that silky shit… smh. Probably smells good too. Fuck that: I take hair any higher than a Caesar on a white R&B singer as a direct threat to Black Power.

    Sankofa - ofa - ofa - eh - eh- eh.

  4. The power of representation is REAL. Rachel Maddow’s daily reporting was instrumental in killing the death-to-gays bill in Uganda’s Parliament this winter. There isn’t a single black, asian, or latino national prime-time anchor on cable or network TV, and Maddow is the only out gay or lesbian with the platform of a news anchor. She has already used that platform to right effect. I’d love to see Melissa Harris Lacewell in that 10pm MSNBC spot. Big fan, lisp-and-all.
  5. Jay Leno Ain’t Shit.

    JLAS: Its a movement.

  6. However off-putting the use of rape as a metaphor is to me in general,  it is exponentially so in the service of rap ego.

    Kanye West also raped the Science Fair young.

  7. Some folks should just call February “Black History Hunch.” I’m all for building positive self-esteem in the youth. But its one thing to highlight our achievements in the light of adversity and its quite another to simply replace their propaganda with our propaganda. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Garret A. Morgan invented and patented a stop-light, not the stop-light. (Good for him and us.) The Real McCoy was not a black dude. (Please, google that.) George Washington Carver did not actually invent peanut butter (maybe Yahoo that one) and the Egyptians didn’t have electric lights, fly jet planes, or predict 9/11 in temple hierogylphs. STOP overcompensating. Your self-esteem is showing.

    Yes I Can.

  8. Nas is a fool (and prenups are basic). Relationships end. Marriages fail @ 50%. Black marriages fail @ 66%. Celebrity marriages fail @ 80%. And Nas thought they didn’t need a pre-nup. (Hi-five, dummy.) Listen: Marriage ≠ Double-Plus Love. Marriage is a contract that the State WILL arbitrate whenever one of you says so. Pre-nuptial agreements (which should just be called “Marital Agreements”) are the tool you as a couple have at your disposal to tailor the nature and scope of your obligations to one another. I like to think that the purpose is to protect your spouse from who YOU might become in the future. In any case, there is no better time to negotiate what will happen if it ends, than while you still actually like each other. That, or you can leave it for a judge to decide that you still owe $300,000 on a yard-sale milkshake, years after its best-by date.

    "She taught me, and she had to charge."

  9. Most arbitrarily numbered lists contain some filler to get them up to a round number. This is that.

    Actually, a good film.

  10. I gotta get me an iPad. I was just saying like a year ago that somebody needs to build a big-ass iPhone for the couch. Now, I’ve never used the iPad, and $500 starting price does seem a little steep for a computer without a single dataport (usb or otherwise) for connecting anything like an external hard drive, thumb drive, digital camera, etc.; but I’m all about believing Apple’s hype at this stage in my life. Really. Everyone needs faith in something. iTrust in Steve. Who cares if you can’t surf the web and listen to music at the same time? Who does that anyway? So what if the only way to put any media on it is through iTunes and a wi-fi connection? Besides, even if its too awkward or limited to use practically, I could put it out on the coffee table as the most baller coke-mirror of all time — for guests (of course).